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Out Now! REBORN in the Havenwood Falls Holiday Short Story Anthology 2021!

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

I'm excited to once again have a story in the Havenwood Falls Holiday Anthology! Reborn follows Brock Blackstone and whether or not he can overcome his insecurity of being "just a human" in a world of supernaturals. Read more below...

The fourth annual Havenwood Falls Short Story Anthology takes you back to your favorite small town in the mountains for the holidays.

It’s been a challenging couple of years, but you can escape from it all by transporting to your favorite fictional town for the holidays. Ten brand new stories feature some of your favorite supernatural characters as they try to find a sense of peace among the holiday madness and family chaos, always with a dash—or more—of romantic tension.

Teeny Weeny Tahini discovers a curse on the town’s trees; Micah Westbrook disappears while Sedona and Holly are snowed in at Shelf Indulgence, unable to search for their favorite angel; Baba the shaman starts a new tradition to bring peace to the town; as a human among a family of witch hunters and surrounded by supernaturals, Brock Blackstone questions if he’ll ever find love; Cece the angel tries to figure out why a tourist creates a trail of anger and darkness in his wake; Shade the reaper must prove his loyalty to Death or lose his love and life in Havenwood Falls forever; Addie Beaumont faces huge life changes that could shift the entire power dynamics of the town; Infiniti learns to find her own peace when a blizzard hits Havenwood Falls; Mike McCabe tries to stay calm while preparing for Christmas Eve festivities while the blizzard threatens his daughters’ lives; and Cat Vega and Dingane decide where they’re going with their unlikely relationship.

These short stories are all about love, friends, and family, centered on the theme of peace, brought to you by USA Today and internationally bestselling and award-winning authors in the Havenwood Falls Collective.

Authors in this anthology include:

  • T.V. Hahn

  • Belinda Boring

  • Nadirah Foxx

  • Morgan Wylie

  • Susan Burdorf

  • Justine Winter

  • Kristie Cook

  • Rose Garcia

  • E.J. Fechenda

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