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Havenwood Falls Sunset Anthology 2022

Every year, summer in Havenwood Falls starts with Midsummer’s Night Terrors and ends with Founders Day, and this year is no different. Or is it?

Summer in the mountains offers the perfect setting for summer love and fun. As temperatures climb, relationships heat up. Enemies become lovers. Long-time mates reignite passion. College students and kids of all ages make the most of summer break, discovering true love, making unexpected friends, and awakening to new powers. But when a young oracle comes into her gifts, she brings news that changes everything for the people of Havenwood Falls.

The threat that’s been hanging over the town for years, since the first battle with the Collector, has become very real. A solution is proposed that should keep everyone safe—but it’s a heart wrenching one that will split families apart. Not to mention the risks that it could potentially destroy not only the town, but the rest of the world with it. But if the Court of the Sun and the Moon decide not to go through with it, all will be lost anyway.

So plans are made. The town prepares. Final moments are enjoyed with loved ones before goodbyes are said. And when the sun goes down on Autumn Equinox, it not only marks the conclusion of summer—but this could very well be the final sunset on Havenwood Falls. For even in this charming fairy-tale town, nothing lasts forever.

Enjoy these 14 short stories that conclude the town’s saga, brought to you by USA Today and internationally bestselling and award-winning authors in the Havenwood Falls Collective.

Authors in this anthology include:

  • Kristie Cook

  • Tish Thawer

  • Morgan Wylie

  • Rose Garcia

  • Belinda Boring

  • E.J. Fechenda

  • Susan Burdorf

  • Amy Richie

  • S.F. Benson

  • T.V. Hahn

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