The Lotus Bloom podcast is an interview conversation about women who create and their process by which they grow and flourish their creations. It’s a glimpse into the creative woman’s path from dream to reality. As the show’s namesake—the lotus flower—we all are on a journey to find our way through murky and dark water to breach the water’s surface in order to reach the light and allow our bloom—or our creations—to flourish. The lotus begins this journey anew each day and sometimes so must we. This podcast is intended to be an encouragement to creators, women especially, to keep creating… to keep pursuing passions and dreams, and to keep growing and nurturing those creations in order for them to bloom sometimes through challenging times. But still we rise. Still we keep on in our pursuits. Still we stay the path of the journey until we breach the surface into the freedom of the light. And together we can create a beautiful pond full of lotus blooms. 

*Family friendly

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The Steven James Wylie Show

Genre: Society & Culture 

This is a variety, often short form, podcast that respects the absurdity and mystery of life. Topics include, music, philosophy, religion, movies and literature. (This podcast avoids politics and is not for kids)

Visit thesjwshow.com to learn more about all things Steven: podcast, music, and pictures!


"Monday with Morgan" is a fun weekly episode Morgan and Steven do together chatting about random topics from top 80's movies to comfort foods to Christmas in February with humorous Valentine's Day cards.

Episode 34 Monday with Morgan 80's Movies

Episode 39 Monday with Morgan Comfort Foods/Books/TV Shows/Movies

Episode 40 Monday with Morgan Valentine's Day Special... sort of



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