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Havenwood Falls Spring Anthology 2022!

Escape to your favorite small town in the mountains, where spring has sprung and love and mystery are in the air.

When making a delivery for Shelf Indulgence, teenaged oracle Holly makes an unlikely friend with the town’s recluse. Teeny Weeny Tahini’s family continues to grow in a most surprising way. An unexpected guest crashes Willow Fairchild’s baby shower. Visitors who wield the magic of the moon seek out help from town residents to recover their lost memories. The Howe witches and their new friends face a threat to the annual Flower Ball and Festival. Newcomer Judi inherited her aunt’s cottage with its garden full of wonder—and killer plants. Addie Beaumont finds a distraction from heartache when the town’s wards are breached and she and Michaela discover a dead body in the woods—but how did it get there?

These short stories, centered on the theme of fresh starts and new beginnings just in time for spring, are brought to you by USA Today and bestselling and award-winning authors in the Havenwood Falls Collective. Authors in this anthology include:

  • Belinda Boring

  • T.V. Hahn

  • E.J. Fechenda

  • Morgan Wylie

  • Kallie Ross

  • Susan Burdorf

  • Kristie Cook

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