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A New Age of Alandria Novella!!

Can an elemental witch, a Dryad, a portal traveler, and a night moth join their magic to save an unusual boy from power hungry hunters from another realm?

Night Magic

The Age of Alandria: A Novella

17-year old Skye McCormick, an elemental witch—one of many in her family line—and her 300-year old love interest, Rhys Montrinno, a Reafían traveler, are on a mission. They find an unusual boy in trouble with beings hunting him from another realm. Skye hopes to help him while also helping her family discover the source of a curse that has plagued them for years…before it’s too late.

James Ford, the new boy in town, just wants to live a life free from those hunting him. First they killed his family, and now they continue to pursue him and his uncle for the strange abilities that run in his family. Something goes wrong when his magic merges unexpectedly with another, sending him to the dangerous realm of Exhile.

Can Skye, together with Santori the dark Elf, her grandmother, the neighboring Dryad, and a surprise visitor, find a way to defeat the hunters and discover the source of her family curse?


Night Magic is a novella length side story in my YA fantasy series The Age of Alandria. It takes place after book 4, Fading Light, but there are no spoilers (that I remember) for previous books if you haven't gotten that far in the series. However, I will say Skye will return in the forthcoming book 5 so you might want to meet her ;) If anthologies aren't your thing, that's ok I will be releasing Night Magic on its own but contractually I won't be able to until later 2022.


But for now you can PREORDER the anthology set The Magic of Midnight now! Releasing on Jan 4th, 2022, it's a new release for the new year! See below...

The Magic of Midnight: A YA/NA paranormal romance and urban fantasy anthology.

Some say midnight is the witching hour. Are you ready to believe in magic?

Enter a world of supernatural mysticism, where Witches, Werewolves, Fairies, Vampires, Demons, and more roam the shadows at night.

Are you brave enough to journey with bestselling and award-winning authors into fantastical worlds where spells are cast, curses broken, heroic friends are made, and adventures are filled with epic excitement?

The magic happens at midnight...don't miss it.

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