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Havenwood Falls Book Box!!!!

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Celebrating the Magic of Peace with our first ever HWF Book Box!

From the publisher...

If you missed the video yesterday or just want to see all of it together, here's what you'll get in our first ever, very special Magic of Peace book box. We also hope you'll join us for our Magic of Peace Ceremony in December (more details coming soon).

We have a very limited quantity, so don't delay! Order yours here:

  • Havenwood Falls Short Story Anthology 2021 paperback book signed by all 9 authors (once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!)

  • Amazonite pocket mala/bracelet handmade with intention by Kristie Cook. This bracelet contains 27 amazonite beads that can be used as a mini-mala - 4 times around equals 108 (a full size mala). Strung with stretchy string, it fits most women's wrist sizes (6 1/2-8"). Amazonite supports peace, harmony, balance, and clear communication. It also absorbs harmful electromagnetic energy.

  • Custom Magic of Peace candle created with intention by Untamed Apothecary, owned by HWF author Katie Rackham(aka Katie John). Katie has created each candle with her unique touches and has included a clear quartz piece for amplifying the beautiful energy infused into the candle, which smells like Havenwood Falls at Christmas.

  • Self-Care Ritual Card to guide you in bringing much needed peace and balance into your life.

  • "Peace" oracle card (watch for future opportunities to build your own deck).

  • A packet of holiday tea for your ritual or to enjoy during our ceremony.

  • Havenwood Falls Do Not Disturb door hangar and bookmark.

  • Mini swag bag with an intuitively chosen potion keychain, stickers, and more.

One randomly chosen box will include an amazonite carved heart and four others will receive a special "Not Your Mother's Holy Cow" amazonite in the matrix stone for added grounding and protection. The first 10 orders will also receive a Havenwood Falls string backpack with more goodies inside (see pic in comments). Also it says to order by Nov 28th in the form, but there are still some left so go ahead and fill it out!! The publisher will let you know if they have sold out.

Many thanks to Belinda Boring, for co-creating the ritual and oracle cards, and to Regina Wamba for another fabulous book cover.

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