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Welcome! I'm Morgan Wylie and I'm so glad you're here!!

This site is dedicated to ALL my things! I am a creative, a dreamer, a nurturer, and a believer in all things magical and impossible!


I have been a published author since 2013 and have had a total of 15+ original published titles (to see my currently published fiction hit the "BOOKS" tab on the menu!). I love fantasy world building but also enjoy the occasional paranormal one as well.

In my desire to create, I have decided to grow a podcast. It's called the Lotus Bloom Podcast! Click the "PODCAST" tab above to learn all about it and where you can listen!

To see what's fresh and new, look BELOW! Thanks for visiting and I hope you join my enchanted journey!!


I've created an Etsy Store! For a list of signed paperbacks and merchandise I have in stock, click the link below...

NIGHT MAGIC: An Age of Alandria Novella

Can an elemental witch, a Dryad, a portal traveler, and a night moth join their magic to save an unusual boy from power hungry hunters from another realm?


17-year old Skye McCormick, an elemental witch—one of many in her family line—and her 300-year old love interest,Rhys Montrinno, a Reafían traveler, are on a mission. They find an unusual boy in trouble with beings hunting him fromanother realm. Skye hopes to help him while also helping her family discover the source of a curse that has plagued themfor years…before it’s too late.


James Ford, the new boy in town, just wants to live a life free from those hunting him. First they killed his family, andnow they continue to pursue him and his uncle for the strange abilities that run in his family. Something goes wrong whenhis magic merges unexpectedly with another, sending him to the dangerous realm of Exhile.


Can Skye, together with Santori the dark Elf, her grandmother, the neighboring Dryad, and a surprise visitor, find a way todefeat the hunters and discover the source of her family curse?


Night Magic is a novella length side story in my YA fantasy series The Age of Alandria. It takes place after book 4, Fading Light, but there are no spoilers (that I remember) for previous books if you haven't gotten that far in the series. However, I will say Skye will return in the forthcoming book 5 so you might want to meet her ;)


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